The way you normally talk, but with your spreadsheets

Introducing ChatCSV. Your new personal data analyst. Upload a CSV and start asking questions. It is an Ask Me Anything for Spreadsheets.

What's included?

ChatCSV includes features you need to assist you in any data query

Chat to your CSVsStart a conversation by uploading your CSV. Upload from your computer, a URL or from your clipboard.
Quick starting questionsOnce uploaded, we'll generate some common questions about your data to get you started quickly.
Visualise the answersChatCSV responds with charts to your visual questions. Ask for a bar chart/pie chart/anything you want.
Chat HistoryKeep track of your conversations and come back to them at any time. Rename them, delete them, or share them with your colleagues.

Useful to many industries

ChatCSV can be used in many industries to help you understand your data

Retail and E-CommerceUnderstand trends, customer behaviour, inventory management. "Pie chart of the sales distribution among our product categories last quarter."
Finance and BankingQuickly visualise trends and transactions by talking the way you talk. "Show me a bar chart of the number of transactions per day for the last month."
Marketing and AdvertisingEasily analyse campaigns, customer demographics, and market research data. "What was the click-through rate for our last five email campaigns?"

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